Wire Rope Sling

Details for Wire Rope Sling

Our company manufactures the wire rope slings for lifting, hoisting, and drilling
practice with the advanced cold extrusion technique in making the aluminum alloy swaged ferrule.
Our products are manufactured completely in accordance with the international standard and other
relevant standards. They are safe in use and with stable quality. So they are well received by the
clients. The slings with aluminum alloy swaged ferrule and made of high-quality plain or galvanized
steel wire rope and deform aluminum alloy ferrule. They are made with advanced technique, new
construction and fine looking, they are ensured of safety in practice. So they are considered the most
ideal slings for lifting and hoisting.
1. Use: could be used on lifting machines for various kinds of engineering, mining equipment, Derrick
of oil field, goods loading and unloading for the transportation in the air, on the sea, and by land,
engineering rescue from danger, and the rescuing sunken boats salvaging and could also be used
lifting, hoisting and drafting slings for factories, mines and other enterprises.
2. Feature: with equal strength of steel wire rope safety in use, fine-looking of the exterior, smooth in
the transition region, high safe working load in hoisting, and capability of anti-impact load, and long
service life.
3. Quality: your products are manufactured and tested strictly in accordance with the international
and national technological standards, the strength of the test samples are surely equal to the
strength of steel wire rope, the location of swaged-ferrule does not move, comes apart or split

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