Details for Steel Wire Strands

Our continued investment in technology and equipment has consistently pushed products to the highest quality standards. Our engineering excellence and our commitment to customers is manifested in the wide usage of our strands in the construction industry. We offer a comprehensive range of strands, with  each type designed to cater to specific
requirements of the industry :

  1. Bright low relaxation(LRPC) strand
  2. Normal Relaxation(NRPC) strand
  3.  Galvanised LRPC strand
  4. Polymer coated Galvanised/Bright LRPC strand.
  5. Grease/Wax filled un-bonded LRPC strand.
  6. Bonded LRPC Strand.
  7.  Plain, Indented, and ribbed high tensile steel wire for prestressed concrete.
  • Barrier cable and guard rail strand
  • Wind bracing in pre-engineered buildings
  • Other guying applications where small size, high strength, and corrosion resistance are necessary
  • Guy strand for power distribution poles, telephone poles and microwave and radio towers

Generally, we are making strands in the following constructions:

  • 1 x 7
  • 1 x 19
  • 1 x 36
  • 1 x 37
  • 1 x 19(Seale)