Steel Wire Rope

Details for Steel Wire Ropes

Asahi Ropes is known for manufacturing one of the widest range of wire rope products in the country. Our rope application spread all over the city is a testimony of its high-quality products and services. The ropes manufactured by Asahi Ropes are today serving some of the most critical applications across diversified industrial segments. These wire rope products have promptly delighted its users for its high quality and long life. Some of the wire rope manufactured by Asahi Ropes include-Oil & off-shore Ropes, Fishing, Crane, Mining, Elevator, Arial & General Engineering Ropes and other varieties of ropes.


Wire rope manufacturers produce their products in order to provide a high load capacity, versatile alternative to weaker ropes like manila rope or hemp rope. Wire rope products are used for a wide variety of motion transmission applications, among them: lifting, baling, tie down, hoisting, hauling, towing, mooring, anchoring, rigging, cargo control, guidance, and counterbalance. They can also be used as railing, fencing, and guard railing. Wire rope is a must-have for many heavy duty industrial applications. From mining to forestry to marine and beyond, there’s wire rope for almost every job. Some of the many industries in which wire rope is popular include: construction, agriculture, marine, industrial manufacturing, fitness, sports, and recreation (plastic coated cables for outdoor playground equipment and sports equipment), electronics, theater (black powder coated cables for stage rigging), mining, gas and oil, transportation, security, healthcare, and consumer goods.

Most Common Usage:

  •  Construction and Offshore rigging
  •  Marine Industry and Ministry of Defence divisions
  • elevator, crane lifting, hanging basket, colliery steel, seaport, and oilfield.


Wire rope is made of plaiting strands of wire – normally medium carbon steel – into a thick cable. The strands are formed around a core. The strands in wire ropes are made of wore twisted together. Strands with smaller diameter wires are less abrasion resistant and more fatigue resistant. Strands made with thicker length of wore are more abrasion resistant and less fatigue resistant.

  • 1. Sizes : From 3mm to 52 mm
  • 2. Material of Steel Wire Rope : Galvanized and ungalvanized or stainless steel, etc
  • 3. Core : FC, SC, IWRC, PP
  • 4. Tensile Strengths : 1370, 1570, 1770, 1960, 2160 N/mm2.
  • 5. Wire Rope range:
    • 6×7, 7×7, 6×19 , 7×19
    • 6x17S, 6x19S, 6x21F, 6x19W, 6x25F, 6×37
    • 6x26WS, 6x31WS, 6x36WS, 6x41WS
    • 8x19S, 8x21F, 8x19W, 8x25F
    • 8x26WS, 8x31WS, 8x36WS
    • 17×7, 18×7, 19×7, 34×7, 35×7, 6×12, 6×24
    • 18x19S, 19x19S
    • 18x7K Compacted Strand, 19x7K Compacted Strand, 35x7K Compacted Strand
Steel wire rope
Steel Wire Ropes