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Stainless Steel Ropes- ASAHI ROPES offers a complete range of stainless steel wire ropes for marine, industrial and architectural applications. We are making stainless Steel wire ropes in Grade 304, 310, 316 & 316L.


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6×36 SW(14-7+7-7-1)
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Stainless Steel Wire Manufacturers in India

We are manufacturer of Stainless Steel Wire Ropes Based in Delhi (India).

304 rope :

Type 304 stainless steel wire is a general-purpose stainless alloy typically composed of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. It is the most widely used stainless spring wire because of its high corrosion resistance properties and good tensile strength.

316 Stainless steel Wire Rope :

Alloy 316 is an austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel wire containing molybdenum which increases corrosion resistance, improves resistance to pitting chloride ion solutions, and provides increased strength at elevated temperatures.

High Mast Rope / High Mast Wire Rope :

A High mast lighting today preferred over conventional lighting, especially where large areas are to be illuminated. This system eliminated the need for numerous lighting columns which, under certain circumstances, can pose hazardous to movement. This is possible because the high mast lighting system achieves very large space to height ratios. High mast lighting is ideal for industrial or commercial areas, docks, airports, flyovers, stations, car parks and even some hazardous areas. All of these require the best possible lighting with minimum interference from the installation itself combined with case of maintenance. Wire rope used in this application are ss304 and ss316 in sizes 6mm and 8mm.


Galvanised Steel Wire rope is available in a range of strands, sold per meter and on bulk buy value reels. It is very tough, durable and corrosion resistant, ideal for many different applications including maritime use, Plant training, catenaries, industrial and architectural applications such as rigging, hoists, winches and more.

Lifeline Wire Ropes

We offers a complete range of LIFELINE WIRE ROPES in Stainless Steel Grade for Fall arrestor & Fall protection applications. We are making Stainless Steel Lifeline Wire Ropes in Grade 304, 310, 316 & 316L.

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