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Asahi Ropes has consistently proven itself to be one of the most reliable names in the manufacture of Steel Wire Ropes for the Shipping industry. We have been providing high quality, corrosion resistant products for rigorous applications like ship mooring. We at Asahi Ropes always provide uncompromised quality at best in class value.


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shipping wire rope

Shipping wire ropes

  1. Rope Services Direct possess knowledge of the shipping crane industryand the type of wire rope hoists that is required for this sector. We supply a wide selection of high performance, high quality wire rope designed to aid in the efficiency of your lifting operations in maritime environments. Ship crane rope.


  1. Due to being constantly exposed to corrosive seawater, wet and heated working   temperatures, wire rope used in ship cranes needs to be regularly   checked for wear and tear. Some of the things you should check forinclude tensions   on the wire and strands as well as chafing and internal wear.   Common uses of wire rope on ships are hoist ropes, auxiliary Wire ropes hoists and as boom hoist ropes.


  1. Corrosive environments will usually require a galvanized rope. This helps protect the rope against rust and corrosion in applications where   moisture     could   damage the rope. Where applicable, plastic impregnation (PI) can also be considered.


  1. This wire rope is suitable for use where there is moisture, in marine and architectural applications, in the food industry and in automation.


  1. Standard wire rope. Used for all kinds of purposes, i.e. hoisting, mooring, towing, hatch-opening. The fibre core provides flexibility to the Wire ropes hoists and absorbs lubricant within the construction. Construction according to ISO standard.


  1. We are famed amidst the most reliable Shipping Wire Rope Manufacturers and Suppliers from India. The materials used in the manufacturing of the Shipping Rope are of optimum quality that ensures high durability, tensile strength and resistivity to rust & abrasion. Moreover, on the specific requests of the clients, the Braided Shipping Rope is also available in varied colors, sizes, dimensions and lengths.