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The Aerial Ropes we provide, are known for low maintenance, long life, excellent quality, and strength. Our product offerings include aerial haulage ropes, material handling ropes, rope for passenger ropeways, and other track ropes.

  • Guardrail
  • Lock cable systems
  • Barrier ropes
  • Gymnasium cables
  • Horticultural applications
  • Railways Signaling

PVC coated rope -

PVC-coated wire ropes are steel cables or wire ropes that have been coated with a layer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to provide protection and additional properties for specific applications. The PVC coating serves several purposes:

1.   **Corrosion Resistance:**   The PVC coating acts as a barrier against moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive elements, helping to protect the underlying steel wire rope from rust and corrosion. This makes PVC-coated wire ropes suitable for outdoor and marine applications.

2.   **Corrosion Resistance:**   The PVC coating acts as a barrier against moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive elements, helping to protect the underlying steel wire rope from rust and corrosion. This makes PVC-coated wire ropes suitable for outdoor and marine applications.


3.  **Improved Grip:**   The PVC coating can enhance grip and provide a more comfortable and secure hold when used in applications where people need to handle the wire ropes, such as in gym equipment, playgrounds, or suspension bridges.


4.   **Color Coding:**   PVC coatings can be applied in various colors, allowing for easy identification and organization of wire ropes in different applications. Color coding helps users quickly identify the purpose or load capacity of a particular wire rope.


5.  **Noise Reduction:**   In some applications, PVC-coated wire ropes can help reduce noise generated when the ropes come into contact with other materials or structures. This can be particularly useful in elevators and other machinery where noise reduction is important.


Common applications of PVC-coated wire ropes include:


1.   **Gym Equipment:**   They are often used in gym equipment like cable machines and fitness machines for their durability, grip, and corrosion resistance.


2.   **Playground Equipment:**   PVC-coated wire ropes are used in playgrounds for safety and as climbing elements.


3.   **Marine and Outdoor Use:**   These wire ropes are suitable for marine and outdoor applications due to their resistance to corrosion and harsh environmental conditions.


4.  **Suspension Bridges:**   In some cases, PVC-coated wire ropes may be used in suspension bridge construction for their corrosion resistance and durability.


5.  **Agriculture:**   PVC-coated wire ropes can be employed in agricultural applications, such as vineyard trellising and fencing, where resistance to environmental factors is essential.


When selecting PVC-coated wire ropes for a specific application, it’s important to consider factors such as the required load capacity, diameter, color coding, and the specific environmental conditions the wire rope will be exposed to. Proper maintenance and inspection are also essential to ensure the longevity and safety of PVC-coated wire ropes in various applications.

PVC wire rope

PVC wire rope refers to a type of wire rope that is coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. Wire ropes are made up of multiple strands of wire twisted or braided together to create a strong, flexible, and durable structure. PVC coating is applied to the surface of the wire rope for various purposes, including protection, insulation, and improved grip.

Here are some key features and uses of PVC-coated wire ropes:

1.   **Protection**:   The PVC coating provides a layer of protection to the underlying wire rope. It helps to shield the wire rope from environmental factors such as moisture, chemicals, and corrosion, extending its lifespan.


2.   **Insulation**:   PVC-coated wire ropes are often used in applications where electrical insulation is necessary. The PVC coating prevents electrical conductivity and makes the wire rope safe for use in electrical applications.


3.    **Enhanced Grip**:   The PVC coating can provide a better grip, making it easier to handle the wire rope. This is especially useful in applications where operators need to manipulate or control the wire rope.


4.   **Color Coding**:   PVC coatings are available in various colors, allowing for color coding of wire ropes for different purposes or applications. This helps with easy identification and organization.


5.    **Aesthetics**:   In some cases, PVC-coated wire ropes are used for aesthetic purposes, such as in architectural or decorative applications, where the color and appearance of the coating are important.


6.    **Diameter and Strength**:   PVC-coated wire ropes come in various diameters and strengths to suit different load-bearing requirements and applications. They are commonly used in construction, agriculture, marine, and industrial settings.


7.    **Environmental Resistance**:   PVC coatings offer a degree of resistance to environmental factors such as UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and chemicals, making them suitable for outdoor and harsh environments.


It’s essential to choose the right type of PVC-coated wire rope for your specific application, taking into consideration factors like load capacity, environmental conditions, and any required electrical properties. Additionally, regular inspection and maintenance are crucial to ensure the safety and performance of PVC-coated wire ropes in various applications.


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