General Engineering

Details for General Engineering Wire Ropes

We provide a wide variety of steel wire ropes for general lifting purpose, boring, shipping, and regulating equipment for railways. We are particularly oriented towards offering customized products for our esteemed clientele as we believe in giving the utmost customer’s delight.

  • General Lifting Purpose
  • Boring
  • Drilling
  • Quarrying
  • Construction
  • Piling
  • Lifting
  • Shipping
  • Railways
  • Sling Making

6x19 steel wire rope

This 6×19 steel wire rope construction is available with either FC (fibre core) or WSC (wire strand core). When supplied with a wsc the rope is more commonly referred to as 7×19 steel wire rope. The rope is very popular in diameters from 3mm to 16mm and is used on a variety of applications. 6×19 steel wire rope FC (fibre core) and 6×19 steel wire rope WSC (wire strand core) (7×19) is very flexible in diameters 3mm to 6mm and is used for many applications where wire ropes are running over pulleys. 7×19 construction is readily available supply in both galvanised wire ropes and marine grade stainless steel wire ropes.

6x36 wire rope sling

6 x 36 IWRC Wire Ropes for all general purpose applications.  6×36 Wire Ropes are a flexible wire rope suitable for a wide range of applications such as, wire rope slings, General engineering, Crane ropes, Hoist ropes, Winch ropes, Tow Ropes, Luffing ropes, Mooring Ropes, Wire rope rigging and guying applications or wherever flexible rope is required.  Active Lifting stock a wide range of sizes in both 1770 and 1960 grade tensile strength. We also offer a wide range of terminations which can be provided in house. (link to wire rope terminations) We generally stock all Galvanized 6×36 wire ropes, however Ungalvanised wire rope is available upon request. All Active Lifting 6×36 wire ropes are manufactured according to Indian Standard.

8x36 wire rope

Extremely flexible rope types with up to 288 single wires (8×36 Wire Rope) in the outer strands. Better fatigue performance and fatigue life expectancy than 6×19/6×36. Due to the larger number of outer wires these ropes tend to be more sensitive to mechanical damages. All 8-strand constructions require proper sheave- and drum groove dimensions. Undersized and/or worn sheaves will immediately result in rope deformations, waviness, or high strands. 8×36 Wire Ropes require extra care during installation (no reverse bend spooling).

Auxiliary rope

The Auxiliary Rope is accessory cord for building slings, and belay anchors with.

The auxiliary rope’s sheath is made from our type of Endurance braiding, in which the strands, grouped one by one, generate a smoother, more compact, and uniform surface of the rope, making it more resistant to friction wear and tear, increasing its lifespan

Derrick Rope

The Derrick rope is used to raise and lower the boom during the docking and undocking of the container ships and generally operates on a single layer helically grooved drum. Since these ropes are expected to operate over several years with minimum maintenance ASAHI offer a range of ropes with excellent protection of corrosion.

drilling rope

Drilling lines are used to hoist or lower the drill pipe into and out of the wellbore and present a tough application for wire ropes, with repetitive high load bending over sheaves. ASAHI offers the best performing drilling lines in the industry with exceptional bend fatigue properties and superior resistance to abrasion, wear and crushing. Our drilling lines reach an excellent ton-mile performance of up to 60% above the API standard.

electric wire rope hoists

A wire rope hoist is a lifting medium used extensively within environments where heavy duty lifting occurs, such as heavy foundries, factories and manufacturing plants. Electrically powered, these hoists are similar to conventional standard electric hoists, which instead use steel chains in order to lift loads of varying weights. This equipment is used in many manufacturing plants However, because ropes made from wire have higher SWLs (safe working loads), they are often more suitable for heavy lifting than standard chain hoists, meaning they are becoming increasingly popular within the industrial sphere today.

Harness rope manufacturers in India

Climbing/Safety Harness is an item of climbing equipment for rock-climbing, abseiling, or other activities requiring the use of ropes to provide access or safety such as industrial rope access, working at heights, etc. A harness secures a person to a rope or an anchor point.

A harness acts as a safety net for your body when you are climbing or descending with a rope. If you don’t have access to a commercial harness, you can still fashion a functional harness from a length of rope or webbing.

piling rope

All piling rigs should have flexible leader kinematics enabling a high radius of movement in all directions. Choosing the right steel wire rope therefore plays a crucial role in determining the efficiency of these machines. Main hoist ropes need to have high functionality and enhanced properties. Key features should be high rotation resistance and extreme resistance to wear and tear. They also need to be resistant to various external influences such as temperature (cold and heat). Animal activity (e.g. rodents), dust and potentially corrosive substances in the environment are other factors.

Towing wire rope

Towing wire rope requires an end termination that can safely and easily attach the towed vessel to the tugboat. Typically, this is a thimble eye or a socket. Fittings. Socket. Usually open and closed spelter sockets and Anchor Pendant sockets (Pee-Wee sockets) are used.

Tow wire rope for emergency escape for all passenger cars. Towing a broken down car is also OK. The towed wire rope can be stuck due to derailment, mud, etc. It can be used when it is impossible to escape on your own due to snowy roads. It can also be used to tow ordinary broken cars.

wire rope hoist

Wire rope hoists utilize wire rope as a hoisting medium, wrapping the wire around a grooved drum to conduct the lift. Wire rope could be used as a hoisting medium in several industry sectors. In demanding or intense lifting applications, wire rope hoists are the best choice.

Crane wire rope

Crane wire ropes are the most vulnerable component of an overhead crane as they are subjected to constant wear & tear during loading. ASAHI maintains a good inventory of wire ropes of different diameters, lengths, and sizes.  These crane wire ropes can get damaged due to various reasons such as inappropriate lifting, cross pulling & improper winding of rope on the rope drum.  Being one of the leading manufacturers of overhead cranes, the team ASAHI have deep knowledge about the subject matter of Crane wire ropes in the material handling industry. Base on the need, these wire ropes can be supplied as spares in cut-to-length requirements on an immediate basis. With a sprawling array of applications in every industrial domain, our excellent quality crane wire ropes offer unwavering strength to various industrial sectors spread across the globe.


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6×19 (12/6/l)
6×36 SW (14-7+7-7-1)
6 x 37 M (18/12/6-1)